A Monte Carlo Radiation Hydrodynamics code

DIG simulations

A paper describing a set of self-consistent RHD simulations of the evolution of the Diffuse Ionised Gas (DIG) in disc galaxies was just accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. This work builds on previous models of the DIG that post-processed disc galaxy simulations from the SILCC project, and provides the first fully self-consistent model of the DIG that combines the dynamic impact of photoionisation feedback on the structure of a disc galaxy with a detailed study of the ionisation and temperature structure of the resulting DIG.

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CMacIonize website

CMacIonize now has an official project website. The current website contains a minimal amount of information about the code, a complete list of publications that used the code (more to follow soon!) and a mostly empty gallery that contains images (and in the future maybe also movies).

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